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Orient for Shipping and Customs Clearance Co. was established in 2014 to become since then more famous, where it was able to compete with the international companies which work in the same field.

The experience of the company is continual. It continues to regularly enrich its staff and facilities, which includes a large fleet of vehicles, equipment, and unmatched means of transport in the region to give the best for its clients.

The company has staff of experts with deep knowledge in all matters relating to the fields of shipping and customs clearance, where there is team in each of the Jordanian borders crossing are concerned with all transactions related to the clearance of shipments to ensure the client’s comfort, save time, and reduce the effort on him, in order to deliver his shipment without any obstacles.

Some of the services we provide are:
  • Road Transport

    Road transport concerned with transporting the goods overland by trucks and car carriers. The company provides the road transport services for vehicles and goods to many Arab and Gulf countries through a huge fleet of car carriers and modern refrigerators that will speed up the shipping process and persevere the effort on customers.

  • Customs Clearance

    The service of customs clearance is considered the most important services that provide to clients especially in Jordan for the multiplicity of the customs outlets, where there are many sea, air and land outlets. Despite this, the company ensures the clearance of the goods and deliver to the door of the client from any crossing because there is a highly qualified staff in each outlet to speed up the process of customs clearance and pay the imposed customs duties without any additional cost on the client.

  • Transport of Shipments

    The company transports the shipments from door to door by using a large fleet of trucks and vehicles specially prepared for the transfer of any kind and size of shipments. The company has the specialist who works to receive the shipments, prepare and package them in the usual way. In addition to following it up and transferring them to the required place until it is delivered to the client wherever he exists. The client can follow his shipments track and the time of its departure from the port until the time of arrival to Jordan through constant communication with the follow-up employees in the company.

    departure from the port until the time of arrival to Jordan through constant communication with the follow-up employees in the company.

    The transport of shipments process involves the following:

    • Provide clients with all information relating to the shipments starting from the date of loading, departing, and arriving access to the status of the shipment quickly and effectively.
    • Provide the best shipping solutions to the client under the required speed, the acceptable price, or the degree of required safety.
    • Full supervision of the process of unloading shipments in the warehouses of customs for the coming goods by the land with the possibility of control the uploading process by the owner of the shipments if required.
Our Method

Because the company is becoming more famous, it has qualified staff in each border crossing to accelerate the customs clearance process and save money on the client, where the company is concerned with all necessary of the transactions, customs expenses. The company undertakes the customs clearance process from A to Z without adding any trouble on the client, save time and reduce the effort that has gone into this process.

The company also has a team included individuals and experts who are implementing all the logistics matters starting of the inspection process, quality control, and shipping transactions. In addition to tracking the shipment from the place of origin to the client address without any additional effort from the client with ensuring the arrival of the shipments to their owners wherever they are as soon as possible.